Intensified New Moon energy!

sun - moon rise Tomorrow morning the new moon rises with the sun to intensify the powers of the universe with masculine and feminine forces rising together; together the forces of Dark and Light will rein for twelve hours. — ”When the two become one…”

Check your location for the exact rise and set times.   

In my location: The sun rises tomorrow at 6:25 am and sets at 7:49 pm The moon rises at 6:24 am and sets at 7: 54 pm  

If you are a practitioner who works with the energy alignments of the universe this is the time to bring forth and send out.  This is a time when the rulers of the hours are at work even if you do not call them to aid by name.  But for the layman; the average woman, all you need is to insert your intention at the rising hour, hold onto it throughout the day (in gratitude, dhikr, praise, etc.) and affirm it again at the setting hour; for the two energies set together tomorrow night as well.

This Dark energy is not to be feared; It is the energy that holds galaxies in place. It is the substance of the mind where matter is formed.  Light comes from motion in the dark; illumination, enlightenment; it is the idea that forms in the darkness of the mind and when it begins to move; to rotate with rhythm, it becomes enlightenment. It is not often that the sun and moon rise together but when they do one should put aside all distractions, even take the day from work if you can ( fortunately this one comes on Saturn’s day—a dark energy planet itself) This is not a time for the resuscitation of prayer it is the time to manifest all that one has prayer for and or intended to have.


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